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Medical Regulations Gate (MRG) is an independent consulting company specializing in Medical Devices, approved by the Saudi Food And Drug Authority (SFDA) to act as an authorized representative on behalf of medical device, manufacturers with its headquarters in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

MRG is one of the leading Saudi-managed Regulatory Affairs consultancy and licensing firms in the Kingdom representing over 30+ national companies and 200+ medical devices manufacturers worldwide. MRG provides optimum consultation services for Saudi authorities such as MOH, SGH, SAGIH and SASO.

MRG is always pleased to be part of your success by assisting your business process in a high-level of Commitment through guiding and advising manufacturers on all the requirements pertaining to PRE and post-marketing requirements regarding all issues concerning medical devices, in-vitro diagnostic devices, contact lenses, laser surgical equipment, cosmetics and healthcare and drug products in the KSA and UAE Market.